Every Other Day

I seem to only make it to the blog every other day at the moment, which is ridiculous because I have the week off work. I'm knocking around the house doing chores, walking into town running errands, and somehow filling each day with forgettable detritus. I'll keep quiet about Grand Theft Auto 5. Yes, I …

Half an Hour

I have half an hour left until I get to switch my computer off, climb aboard my trusty bicycle, and pedal my way back towards town. I'm already wondering what ass-hattery will be thrown at me during the journey - this morning was the third in a row where cars have pulled out in front of me with no indication what-so-ever regarding what they were about to do. Apparently I'm invisible.


I'm at home today. I've been suffering with balance problems all week, and they seem to be linked with tiredness. I admitted defeat this morning, and decided to stay at home - probably the first day off sick all year. I foresee a day spent washing clothes, and reading books - and maybe posting to the blog.

Home Again

I got up ridiculously early yesterday - or rather, I tried to get up. You know the room spinning feeling when you go to bed after a night out? It felt like that. I staggered towards the bathroom to have a shower, and wondered what the hell was going on. I've had it happen in …