Two More Sleeps

The last few days have been a blur. After visiting friends on Friday night for drinks and curry, I spent most of Saturday washing clothes, tidying the house, and running errands. I had been invited to visit another friend’s house for drinks in the evening, and almost didn’t go – but then changed my mind … Continue reading Two More Sleeps


I’m sitting in the junk room late on Sunday evening. Spotify is playing a quiet playlist in the background, and I’m sitting at the desk tapping away at the keyboard. I am not alone. Behind me, curled up in a cat bed we bought many moons ago, is a little black cat. He grew up … Continue reading Kaspar

Black Cats

It’s now a couple of weeks since we said goodbye to Sam, and whispered conversations have begun to gather pace around the house – wondering if George, the remaining brother, might be lonely – and wondering if we might start looking for some company for him. The conversations turned into telephone calls late last week, … Continue reading Black Cats

Tuesday Evening

The clock is ticking towards 9pm, and I have done nothing all evening. Actually, that’s not entirely true. After returning from work I hung a load of washing on the line, put another load in the machine, cooked a pizza for dinner, ate the pizza, walked to the garage, bought ice cream for a planned … Continue reading Tuesday Evening

Rest in Peace

It started like any other Saturday. I woke at about 7:30, gazed at the ceiling for a while, checked my phone, then eventually wandered downstairs to have a shower at about 8. After the shower I made a cup of tea, and smiled at Miss 12 who was already up, and had been for some … Continue reading Rest in Peace

Cats Versus Goldfish

When I got home from work last night I said hello to Miss 15, and she seemed a little down – I couldn’t quite put my finger on what might be wrong, so while making a coffee, asked her if anything was up. It transpired she had cleaned the fish tank out (which is an … Continue reading Cats Versus Goldfish