New Years Day

It always seems like the first post of a new year should have some important news to impart – the story of an adventure, an intelligent insight, or something equally engaging. Unfortunately I have nothing of the sort to share – caused mostly by celebrating the new year with friends until the early hours. While … Continue reading New Years Day


I’ve decided to spend the last few days of 2018 cleaning my “internet house”. This will mean closing down little used accounts, removing apps, and trying to make time for the hundred and one things I have been promising myself for far too long. All those books, movies, and television shows I have heard about … Continue reading Simplifying

The Nokia 3310 Experiment

It is now a week since the Nokia 3310 arrived, and I performed a factory reset on my previous phone (a rather lovely Honor 8 that now resides in my other half’s handbag). I thought it might be interesting to record a few thoughts about my experiences so far. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that … Continue reading The Nokia 3310 Experiment

First World Problems

At the moment I seem to be caught in a battle for the heart and mind of my organised self. The protagonists are the phone, a collection of various internet services, and the Filofax. I suppose this could be whittled down to “gadget vs. web vs. paper”. The phone could be great – if only … Continue reading First World Problems

Organising the Mayhem

I have decided to try and do something about improving my natural propensity to continue putting one foot in front of the other – after much thought and deliberation, I’m going to attempt to start using task lists. I say “attempt”, because it’s not altogether clear how best to use them, which sounds like a … Continue reading Organising the Mayhem