New Years Day

It always seems like the first post of a new year should have some important news to impart – the story of an adventure, an intelligent insight, or something equally engaging. Unfortunately I have nothing of the sort to share – caused mostly by celebrating the new year with friends until the early hours. While … Continue reading New Years Day


Christmas already seems like a memory – which is a strange thing to say, because it was only a few days ago – but it is already falling into the past – something that happened – not something that just happened. Maybe it feels so strange because we are in the days between Christmas and … Continue reading In-Between

Slowly and Quietly

I’m writing this a few minutes after 9am on Sunday morning. Summer seems to be ebbing away – the mornings are becoming a little colder – a little less inviting. Early next week we will escape the approach of autumn for a few more days – boarding an aeroplane in order to fight over sunloungers … Continue reading Slowly and Quietly

Home Alone

Wednesday evening finds me sitting at a desk in the study, listening to Spotify, and wondering how much of today’s thoughts to empty into the keyboard. I’m accompanied by a can that was filled with cider until a few minutes ago, and a teddy bear propped on the corner of the desk, gazing into the room with the same silly grin he’s always had. Continue reading Home Alone

A Quiet Weekend

After finishing work on Friday evening I cycled home via the supermarket with Miss 17, and picked up all manner of goodies to help out with dinner. The barbecue we lucked into on Freecycle was going to get it’s first try-out. I am reliably informed that “Friday night pizza night” has become “Friday night barbecue … Continue reading A Quiet Weekend

Silence Descends

The younger children are in bed already, put to sleep by watching the England team play their opening game in the World Cup. They had such high hopes, but completely lost interest by half time. Of course England scraped a win, but within a week or two the entire team will probably be splashed across … Continue reading Silence Descends

Home in the Morning

I made it to the end of three days on-site in Germany. There is already talk of further visits later in the year – another in two weeks that is already booked, followed by two weeks in July, and two in September. Looks like I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time over … Continue reading Home in the Morning

Preparing to Travel

I’m sitting in the dark of the junk room at home, sheltering from the bitter cold outside. The central heating is on flat-out, the curtains are closed, and the soundtrack from the movie “Hackers” is pumping out of the computer speakers. “Cowgirl” by Underworld is playing. Miss 17 has been keeping me company for the … Continue reading Preparing to Travel


I’m sitting at my desk at work, struggling to find the enthusiasm to drag the thing I’m working on over the finish line. There isn’t a finish line as such though – more “the next finish line”. Next week there will be another one, and another the follow week. The pattern will continue throughout the … Continue reading Avoidance

Not Going Out

It’s heading towards lunchtime on Sunday. There are some bagels with my name on them on the kitchen counter, waiting for me to fill them with cheese and whatever else I can find in the fridge. I’m home alone with Miss 17, who refused to get up this morning – she asked yesterday if I … Continue reading Not Going Out