If you have arrived here expecting to read about the story of today, yesterday, or any of the days recently passed, you’re probably wondering what on earth’s happened – or you’re rolling your eyes and thinking “oh not again!”.

I have rebooted the blog. While sat in an airport departure lounge this morning I had a conversation with one of the nameless many at Automattic, who then waved their magic wand and consigned four and a half thousand blog posts to the great rubbish bin in the sky. Of course I took a backup first. I’m not THAT stupid.

So why the reboot?

It’s become increasingly obvious over the last few years that “blogging” is dead. I don’t mean niche blogs about fashion, or food, or whatever else – I mean online journals – diaries – the stories of people’s days and lives. I am perhaps the last of the circle I once knew, which is sad in a way. The last to stop writing – the last to stop sharing.

Except I’m not stopping. Not entirely.

Rather than share the minutia of my day, from this point forwards I will share my thoughts with you about whatever has been on my mind recently. I suppose this means I’ll also have to carry some sort of note-taking device, to capture those moments of inspiration. We all know how that works – how you can be wandering through your day, and it suddenly occurs to you that the rat-hole you’ve been diving down inside your head is probably worth sharing with the world. Well that’s what this blog is going to be for. Rat holes. Stupid ideas. Curious thoughts. Brain dumps.

It’s been a funny old journey though – this seemingly endless trudge through the history of blogging. I started out using a self-written script on webspace given away by my internet service provider. I eventually moved on to WordPress, Blogger, MySpace, Yahoo 360, back to WordPress, LiveJournal, Blogger again, back to WordPress again, off to Ghost, back to WordPress… you get the idea. I’ve been something of a rolling stone over the years, and miraculously kept hold of everything I wrote. I’m still not entirely sure how.

Those old posts will form the beginning of some sort of private diary. It would be a shame to just discard them, because they tell so many stories over the years – of our attempts to have children, of the arrival of children in our lives, of parenting struggles, days out, holidays, and the many, many boring days in-between. Perhaps if I continue writing a journal privately, it might help me deal with some of the stresses and struggles I occasionally face.

So. I suppose this is it. The start of something new. The start of a blog about nothing in particular – certainly not about daily life, but almost certainly about religion, politics, human behaviour, curious discoveries, and a hundred other things I can’t quite think of just yet.

At the moment this feels like the right thing to do. I can’t imagine I’m going to experience a “Spike moment” (Notting Hill reference), and call myself a daft prick, but you never know.

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea?