The Journey Home

Sound filled the room at 3am this morning, rousing me from fitful dreams and causing me to stumble across the room to reach the phone it was coming from. After squinting at the words and fumbling with the screen for a few moments, silence reigned again, and I rubbed my eyes. Half an hour later … Continue reading The Journey Home

Forty Thousand Winks

I’m not entirely sure why I missed a day on the blog yesterday. I suppose life happened. I’ll go with that. While I was at work, and the children were at a holiday club, my other half took a vast collection of old video games to the trade-in store, and gave them a very busy … Continue reading Forty Thousand Winks


When I was young, I sometimes had a recurring nightmare about walking through the subway beneath the road behind our house. The subway lead to the nearest playpark. There was a huge steel door in the side of the tunnel. In the dream, as I entered the tunnel the door would burst open, and a … Continue reading Nightmares

Strange Dreams

It’s rare that I remember dreams. I sometimes wonder if we only remember them if they happen just before we wake up – that’s what happened this morning. Of course the dream makes little sense in retrospect, but at the time it seemed very real – so much so that I’m writing this. I was … Continue reading Strange Dreams


I’ve been sitting in front of the computer for the last hour, wondering what I might write about, and vanishing down any number of internet rabbit holes while avoiding writing “I have nothing to write about today”. I’m tired. I need to sleep. I will be back. Promise. Continue reading Blank

Sleep and Chocolate

I have nothing earth shattering to report. I’m not going to let that stop me filling a blog post with very little though. If nothing else, writing this post proves that nothing might be something – which pleases the anarchic part of my brain no end. I’m trying to relax into the week. I quietly … Continue reading Sleep and Chocolate

Strange Dreams

I don’t usually remember dreams. I’m not sure why. I remember the dream I had this morning though – and again, I’m not sure why – perhaps because I told my other half about it while we ran around the house making lunches, finding school clothes, and whatever else this morning. It’s worth noting that … Continue reading Strange Dreams

Nothing to Report

I’m sitting in the living room, on my own, in the dark. It’s heading towards half past eleven in the evening, and I’m the last person up. My other half went to bed an hour ago, and the kids half an hour before her. Tunein Radio is playing on the Roku – a random succession … Continue reading Nothing to Report