No, this blog post is not about questionable sexual escapades – apologies if that’s what you were expecting. It’s also not about a lunatic shooting somebody with a banana. Trust me – given the title, it’s REALLY difficult to find a picture that fits. When I get in from work, I never quite know what … Continue reading Bumhole

Finding a Reason

My writing used to be so much better than it is now. Well crafted posts. Explorations of thoughts and experiences, wrapped in a literary style that I’ve lost somewhere along the way. Perhaps it is time to reclaim some of it. The ability must be lurking somewhere in the depths of my head – no … Continue reading Finding a Reason


It struck me late last night just how expert I have become at constructing walls around myself. Rather than expand upon my own thoughts and feelings, I’m more likely to describe the world around me. The end result is often that I take the reader with me on adventures, but I am largely absent. Continue reading Walls

Saturday Morning in the Book Shop

The day began with the clock radio bursting into life, and filling the room with utter dross. I squinted my eyes open and watched the seconds and minutes pass on the bedside clock, wondering how long I might lay there before somebody might consider there was something wrong with me. Minutes? Hours? I’m guessing we’ll never find out, because the curious instinct to “not waste the weekend” kicked in, and carried me downstairs for a shower. Continue reading Saturday Morning in the Book Shop