Two Weeks Off

I finished work at 5:30pm this evening, and cycled home through quiet roads towards home. The majority of the people that would normally be passive aggressively driving their cars home from work were nowhere to be seen – no doubt they are either sitting on beaches in sunnier climes, posting their toxic highlight reels to … Continue reading Two Weeks Off

In Limbo

I commented recently that I had fallen off the blogging horse. The months of daily posts came to a crashing end, replaced with television, books, video games – anything but writing. If this “not writing” thing is a hole in the ground, it still feels like I’m in it. I’m not so much struggling to … Continue reading In Limbo


I’m sitting in the office at work after spending much of the morning writing documents. The temperature has been steadily climbing throughout the morning – it’s currently hovering around 29 centigrade. It doesn’t help that I’m inbetween major projects, so can’t really get on with anything of substance that might make the day pass more … Continue reading Meh