Living in Hope

After a Sunday morning standing in the cold on the touchline of a rugby pitch for two hours, stamping my feet and making conversation with other parents, I’m now home, sipping tea, and half-listening to the rather random playlist Alexa has decided I like. Miss 18 and Miss 13 have gone to watch a football … Continue reading Living in Hope

Tick Tock Tea

After surviving a couple of days drinking water, and hopefully making it through the withdrawal from tea and coffee, it occurred to me this evening that I could drink redbush tea, because it has no caffeine in it. Redbush tea, also known as “Rooibos”, supposedly has all sorts of health benefits, which are of course … Continue reading Tick Tock Tea


I stopped drinking tea and coffee today. Completely. I haven’t been feeling very well for the last week, and while that is almost certainly down to a bug picked up in Germany, it got me thinking. I often laugh with friends that I’m pretty much “immune” to caffeine – I can drink an espresso before … Continue reading Detox

Not Leaving the House

I’m “working” from home today. While sitting in the junk room, surrounded by my work laptop and phone, a cup of tea, the bullet journal, and the various bits and bobs that clutter the desk, snow is steadily falling outside. It’s forecast to continue all day. An email went out to all staff this morning, … Continue reading Not Leaving the House

Friday Morning Coffee

After being sick for the better part of two weeks, my body finally appears to have remembered it has an immune system, and has wandered off to see what on earth it’s been doing for the last several days. I imagine a heated argument must have happened overnight, given the progress that’s suddenly being made. … Continue reading Friday Morning Coffee

Sunday Morning

After an early night to give my body every chance possible of fighting off the virus that’s been hanging over it for the last week, I slid out of bed a little before 8 this morning, had a shower, shave, brushed my teeth, made a cup of tea, and then started looking for clothes to … Continue reading Sunday Morning

Off Sick

After working like a trojan all weekend to keep the house and family together while everybody else was sick, my body finally held up the surrender flag this morning. I wrote an email to work at 8:30 letting them know I wouldn’t be in, and switched on “out-of-office”. I sat through a few training course … Continue reading Off Sick