Toes and Teeth

Somehow I have managed to break a toe, and a tooth. I know, it sounds ridiculous. On Tuesday morning the phone rang, and I ran through the house barefoot to pick it up (while my teenage daughters stood around the phone, debating about picking it up) and managed to kick a door-frame.

Ever since I have been sporting a comically swollen foot, and a couple of purple toes. I’ve broken toes before – I know how it works. In about a month it will be better – until then, I’ll be hobbling around like a little old man.

Bang goes running!

Then the night before last, I was sitting in front of the TV with my other half watching some rubbish or other, snacking on leftover tortilla chips, when I thought “this one’s a bit crunchy”… and discovered it wasn’t tortilla at all – it was half of one of my teeth.

I had a tooth repaired many years ago – one of the molars at the bottom. It was filled with amalgam (I think that’s what they call it – it looks like metal), and has been good for the past twenty years. Until the night before last.

I now have half the tooth left, and of course no money to go anywhere near a dentist any time soon (or a dentist to go to – they are all closed at the moment because of the lockdown). It doesn’t hurt at least – I’m guessing because it died twenty-something years ago, before it was re-constructed.

I’m wondering what will go wrong next.