One Day Left

The year is finally winding down – there is only one day left. Looking around on the internet, everybody seems to be in reflective mood – looking back at things they have experienced, adventures they have been swept up in, and events that have happened around them during the last twelve months. I can’t help … Continue reading One Day Left

Sixteen Hundred Words

While tidying the study this evening, I looked at the games console and flat-screen television that have been taking up the desk in the corner, and that haven’t so much as been powered up for the last several weeks, and decided to do something rather drastic. After several trips to the attic – precariously climbing … Continue reading Sixteen Hundred Words

Medication, Banned Books, and Conspiracy Theories

Today I am “working” from home. In reality, I called the client this morning and informed them that the likelihood of me getting much done today was pretty slim. I’m looking after Miss 17 – after two weeks fighting tonsillitis, going through one round of antibiotics, and still being sick, I’ve turned my focus almost completely on her. She’s taking tablets every two hours now, and I’m forcing her to keep drinking, and eating anything I can get her to – despite her less than enthusiastic responses to my constant reminders and encouragement. Continue reading Medication, Banned Books, and Conspiracy Theories

Big Thoughts

Several years ago – before children, when time was a thing to be toyed with and spent frivolously, I would write long, rambling blog posts about life, the universe, and everything inbetween. I would empty my head through the keyboard as easily as turning on a tap – churning out 750 words with relative ease. Granted, I wrote 750 words in order to post to the website “750words”, but that’s besides the point. Continue reading Big Thoughts

Walking the City Streets

After work this evening I dropped my bag at the hotel, changed my clothes, and set out along the river to the bar I have visited for the last several nights. While sitting quietly and sipping a beer, I watched the world go by while chatting with a friend on the internet, and called home … Continue reading Walking the City Streets


Do you ever have moments, hours, or even entire days when you feel like you have been running on autopilot? I do. Maybe not entirely offline, but sometimes it feels like it.Take cycling home from work, for instance. I turn the pedals, the bicycle travels along, and I daydream about anything and everything – at … Continue reading Autopilot

Nerd Problems

My “go to” computer at home is a Google Chromebook, because it’s fast, it lasts for ages on a battery charge, and it “just works”. Here’s the thing though – if I had a choice, I would run full-fat Linux rather than ChromeOS – for all sorts of reasons I won’t bother going into here. … Continue reading Nerd Problems

On the Inside, Looking Out

I worked from home again today – part of a bigger picture I have not written about in the blog, and may never explain fully. Let’s just say I needed to make sure somebody followed plans put in place for them. Working from home feels strange after being accustomed to offices, co-workers, trains, busy hotels, … Continue reading On the Inside, Looking Out