The Journey Home

Sound filled the room at 3am this morning, rousing me from fitful dreams and causing me to stumble across the room to reach the phone it was coming from. After squinting at the words and fumbling with the screen for a few moments, silence reigned again, and I rubbed my eyes. Half an hour later … Continue reading The Journey Home

Slowly and Quietly

I’m writing this a few minutes after 9am on Sunday morning. Summer seems to be ebbing away – the mornings are becoming a little colder – a little less inviting. Early next week we will escape the approach of autumn for a few more days – boarding an aeroplane in order to fight over sunloungers … Continue reading Slowly and Quietly

Distractions Abound

While working on some code this afternoon one of my co-workers wandered over to check if I had keys to the office. I glanced at the clock, and realised it was already 6pm. How the hell did that happen? After a quick call home to apologise in advance, I jumped on the bike and started … Continue reading Distractions Abound

Forty Thousand Winks

I’m not entirely sure why I missed a day on the blog yesterday. I suppose life happened. I’ll go with that. While I was at work, and the children were at a holiday club, my other half took a vast collection of old video games to the trade-in store, and gave them a very busy … Continue reading Forty Thousand Winks

The Floor is Lava

Other people have relaxed weekends filled with rainbows, laughter, smiling faces, restaurants, sports, cakes, drinks, and all those other nice things. They post an endless stream of photos recording their lovely lives to Facebook and Instagram – like some sort of distorted advertising campaign for their life. When they do it, I start wondering what … Continue reading The Floor is Lava

Half an Hour

I have half an hour left until I get to switch my computer off, climb aboard my trusty bicycle, and pedal my way back towards town. I’m already wondering what ass-hattery will be thrown at me during the journey – this morning was the third in a row where cars have pulled out in front of me with no indication what-so-ever regarding what they were about to do. Apparently I’m invisible. Continue reading Half an Hour


I didn’t get up until nearly 10am this morning. This is unheard of, but not altogether unexpected after not falling asleep until 3am. Of course now my body is getting it’s own back on me – throwing headaches at me like a baseball pitcher, shouting “let’s see how you deal with THIS, asshole”. Continue reading Tired

Down the Rabbit Hole

The clock is ticking towards 10pm as I begin writing this, and it’s really the first chance I have had all day to empty my head. If I was going to be lazy I would write about how tired I am – weary really – and how the day has knocked the stuffing out of me. That wouldn’t be the whole story though – I got a huge amount of complicated work done. Here’s the problem though – if I even begin to tell you what I’ve been working on, your eyes will glaze over, and you’ll start wondering what’s on Netflix. Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole

A Case of the Mondays

I’m back drinking coffee again. Or at least, I am this morning. I had a cup yesterday too. Before you roll your eyes, and say “I knew you wouldn’t last”, it’s been over a month. I’m not returning to four or five cups a day, because that’s ridiculous (and was ridiculous). Maybe just a cup now and again, because I like coffee. Continue reading A Case of the Mondays