Unexpected Disasters

While sitting at my desk at work yesterday morning, fielding calls from Germany, and wondering quite why the ridiculously complex invention on the screen in front of me wasn’t working, the phone rang. “Hello?” “Hello.” I know that “Hello” well. It’s not a good “Hello”. When I walk into the house through our back door … Continue reading Unexpected Disasters

Final Day

I planned to write last night, but got sucked in by the World Chess Championship. Rather than go out for something to eat, I bought food from the supermarket and sat in front of the laptop in my hotel room, watching the games unfold. Before I knew it the evening had gone. This morning the … Continue reading Final Day

Phone Charge Anxiety

While traveling home from London on Saturday evening, the battery on my mobile phone died – much to the amusement of my eldest daughter, who I had accompanied for the day. I will admit that it was likely all my own fault – since getting an iPhone, I have been installing anything and everything – … Continue reading Phone Charge Anxiety


While working my way through chores around the house today, a huge wave of tiredness has rolled through me. I think this is just the after-effects of working away from home, and carrying a huge project single-handed. You don’t really think about it at the time – it hits you afterwards. Just for the record, … Continue reading Recharging


I made it through the third and final day working on-site – I fly home in the morning. I’m sitting in my hotel room with the window wide open, listening to the world go by outside – quite a noisy world, it turns out, given the railway station is only a few minutes walk away. … Continue reading Padlocks