After waking to a blanket of grey skies this morning, the weather has been growing steadily worse. A fine mist of rain is now falling, painting the roads and footpaths with leaves from the trees, and filling the world with the smell of autumn. The washing machine and tumble dryer are fighting the good fight …

Is This The World We Created ?

I started watching "Orange Is The New Black" last night. Yep - that's right - I just started with the hugely successful TV show that's headed towards it's sixth season - and here I am, starting with season 1. I'm SO good at keeping up with all the cool kids.


I didn't get up until nearly 10am this morning. This is unheard of, but not altogether unexpected after not falling asleep until 3am. Of course now my body is getting it's own back on me - throwing headaches at me like a baseball pitcher, shouting "let's see how you deal with THIS, asshole".

Differences Attract

It's no secret that my favorite TV show of the last several years was "Community" - a comedy about a group of misfits that end up at community college together for various reasons. It was written by Dan Harmon after attending community college to be near a girl he was seeing at the time - …

Pretending to be Busy

I finished writing technical documentation for the project I'm working on a little after 11am this morning, and have been scratching around for anything to do ever since. There seems little point in starting development work, given that I'm only here for a few hours - next week I'm off to Germany again.The hotel is …