Time to Dream

I’m not entirely sure where today went. A conference call with Germany first thing this morning uncovered some strange behaviour within the system I have been working on for the last several months. After digging a rather impressive hole through the source code, the deployment scripts, and who knows what else, I gradually narrowed down … Continue reading Time to Dream

Give and Take

This morning I gave the Chromebook to my other half, leaving me without a laptop. She had been soldiering on with a second-hand laptop from the place I work for the last couple of years, and it has slowly been falling to pieces. I don’t think the hilariously bad battery life, or variously broken keys … Continue reading Give and Take

Nerd Problems

My “go to” computer at home is a Google Chromebook, because it’s fast, it lasts for ages on a battery charge, and it “just works”. Here’s the thing though – if I had a choice, I would run full-fat Linux rather than ChromeOS – for all sorts of reasons I won’t bother going into here. … Continue reading Nerd Problems