Every Other Day

I seem to have fallen into a pattern of posting every other day at the moment. This is not intentional. Hell – posting every day was never really intentional – but I suppose it became a “thing” after a while. During the last year I probably went more than a month at various points without … Continue reading Every Other Day

Making it to Friday

I think there should be an award for making it to Friday afternoon. Or maybe an award for making it to the end of every day. If there was an award for every day, does that fall into the Dash observation from The Incredibles though? (“if everybody is special, nobody is special”). I’m watching the … Continue reading Making it to Friday

The Dying of the Light

After a day spent fighting virtual fires within the software leviathan I have been constructing for the last six months, I’m now sitting in the garden, slowly feeding kindling into a chiminea, gazing into altogether more real flickering flames. There’s something about tending an open fire. I’m not sure if it’s the smell of wood … Continue reading The Dying of the Light

Relatively Unscathed

This week has been something like a firework – starting off burning fiercely, then finally letting go with an explosion, leaving a debris field full of smoking wreckage behind. Sorry if I’m being vague – you should know by now that I never really open up about anything outside of my own little bubble. Thank … Continue reading Relatively Unscathed

The Night Before

Last night I was invited out to the local brewery, which holds “members nights” every so often – for paid members to visit (along with two guests per member), and try out the various beers the brewery produces. They host a live band, a barbecue, and a chance to meet up with friends you might … Continue reading The Night Before

Two Glasses of Wine

For the last year or so, Tuesday nights have seen me break all manner of pretend fitness app step records, trudging around town to pick children up from one activity, and deliver them to another. One by one in the run-up to Christmas, those activities have come to an end. When I checked Google Calendar … Continue reading Two Glasses of Wine

Late Night Shopping

I took the photo accompanying this post while wandering back towards home this evening – after most of the streets had already emptied of the thousands that descended on town for the annual “late night shopping” extavaganza that shuts the road, and causes motorists hours of hell in the surrounding area. While being bumped and … Continue reading Late Night Shopping

The Sweet Spot

Following my self imposed imprisonment  construction of a catch-net for Miss 17 this evening instead of sitting in a rugby stadium with the rest of my family watching England destroy Canada in sub-zero temperatures, I have been enjoying the finest cheap(ish) bottle of wine available from the local supermarket. I have now drunk two rather … Continue reading The Sweet Spot


It’s Saturday morning, and I’m finally home. The washing machine and tumble dryer are rumbling away in the background, the kids are out at football matches and school fundraisers, and I’m slowly pulling the house back towards some semblance of normality. I arrived home late yesterday afternoon, after flying out of Frankfurt at lunchtime. The … Continue reading Home

The Road Less Travelled

It’s Thursday evening. I fly home in the morning. I’m sitting in my hotel room once again, listening to the rain pitter patter on the window, and figuring out what time I should leave in the morning to get to the railway station, before heading to the airport. I guess I can worry about that … Continue reading The Road Less Travelled