Rambling On and On

Rather than talk to anybody in particular on the podcast this week, I’m talking to myself. I’m pretty sure this is a direct route to madness, but I’ll risk it.

I probably need to take a step back, don’t I – since returning to WordPress, I haven’t really talked about the podcast. I’ve been recording a podcast! I started in January, and have been putting a recording out roughly once a week – talking to fellow bloggers about where they are from, how they got started, what they write about – that kind of thing.

Anyway – this week’s episode is just me on my lonesome, rambling on for a little while. It’s surprisingly cathartic – I recommend it.

You can listen by visiting Anchor.FM, or if you have spotify, via the embed below (the podcast is available at Spotify, Apple, Google, and lots of other places – check out the Podcast page):

If you would like to be on the podcast, and tell the world about your blog, let me know!