What do you like most about your writing ?

This year I’m taking part in “Bloganuary” – a series of writing prompts published throughout the month by Mindy Postoff. Today’s writing prompt is “What do you like most about your writing ?”.

Today’s writing prompt is perhaps the most difficult for me to answer so far – because it forces me to look inwards. I don’t tend to do a lot of self-analysis. My words are usually pretty transparent – of the moment. I write about whatever subject is in my head.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe the thing I like most about my writing is that it isn’t contrived. I don’t pretend to be somebody I’m not. I’m not playing a part, or portraying a character. I’m just a fairly straightforward guy that likes to write, sharing his thoughts with the world.

Back in the mists of time – before marketers got hold of the world wide web and insisted that everything should have purpose, polish, and dance with the woke brigade in terms of being politically correct, blogs were just diarys. Journals. People emptying their head into the keyboard late at night – expressing frustrations, divulging secrets, and chasing wishes.

I’m fully aware that I’m something of a throwback. A balrog in blogging terms. A writer of the old world. And I’m good with that.

Of course the trick is finding kindred spirits that we share at least a few character flaws with – so we might accompany each other along the winding road.


New Years Day

So here we are. Another new year. While it’s tempting to make resolutions, to “double down” on that which was intended but not done in the past, I’m resisting. Resolutions are invariably not kept. Aspirations are invariably not met. While it sounds tremendously boring to have no aims, given the past couple of years just making it through in one piece seems to be as good a goal as any.

We stayed in last night. Everybody we know stayed in. We ate dinner, watched television, and poured a glass of fizzy wine at the allotted hour.

My middle daughter worked throughout the afternoon and evening at a bar in the centre of town – I met her as her shift finished at 10pm and we wandered home through the Christmas lights together.

We were all in bed before 1am, and struggled to get up this morning. I think today might be very quiet indeed. A day for reading books, watching movies, playing board games, and setting out pages in new bullet journals.

My use of bullet journals over the last few years has now spread like a virus throughout my family. My other half now has one, as does my middle daughter. I wandered into the lounge yesterday and interrupted a very serious conversation about future logs and migration. I smiled.


Time to make a cup of tea, and catch up on the written adventures of far flung friends.