The One Where I Broke the Universe

The One Where I Broke the Universe
Photo by Greg Rakozy / Unsplash

Something rather odd happened today. Actually – scratch that – something very odd happened today. You need some back-story first though.

Several years ago my other half bought me a subscription to service that delivered a box full of nerdy stuff to you once a month. It was called “Loot Crate”. I received all manner of wonderful junk – from space invader neck ties, to spiderman mugs, and Superman figurines.

At some point during the subscription I received a “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” t-shirt. I’ve worn it. Lots.

While taking a break from work this morning – waiting for the kettle to boil – I busied myself with folding washing that had been taken off the washing line last night. In the middle of doing so, I folded the blue “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” shirt.

A few minutes later I wandered past the mirror in the hallway, and something deep in my subconscious noticed that I was *wearing* the “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” shirt. For a moment or two I frowned at myself – struggling to put together what I had seen, and what I was seeing.

I walked back into the lounge, picked up the pile of clean clothes, and started frowning. I even took a picture of myself – wearing the shirt, and holding the shirt at the same time – and sent the selfie to my other half.

“I think I broke the universe…”

“What?! How!?”

“I don’t know!”

Neither of us can work it out. I’ve only ever owned one of the t-shirts, but now I have two. I wonder what else I can duplicate, and where I have to put it for it to happen?

Also – given the conservation of mass law, I wonder what disappeared in order to conjur the replica t-shirt?