The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Photo by Justin Campbell / Unsplash

We were invited by friends to a charity fund-raiser quiz-night at the local football club last night. We met them under a street lamp at the end of the road, and felt like teenagers while waiting.

The quiz night was great fun – with some very dubious answers that caused howls of derision from all those taking part, fish and chips at the half-way point, and lots of beverages consumed by all.

I will never be forgiven for my confident assertion that a do-decahedron is a 20 sided shape. Bloody latin. Of course it was 12 sides. I looked up the 20 sided shape after – icosahedron. Who knew?


After leaving the quiz we wandered home through the puddles and rain, and carried on the evening at our house – fishing bags of snacks and further drinks from the cupboards, and set about mining Spotify for all of our “first records”. At some point a good friend saw “The Time Warp” appear in the suggestions.


Moments later the ladies in the room were up and dancing – laughing uproariously while our teenage children stared at them in suitably horrified fashion.

Somehow “listening to the Time Warp” turned into “LET’S WATCH THE MOVIE!” – and somehow it already being 1am wasn’t a problem at all.

And that’s how – to quote the wonderful lady from across the way who is apparently a huge Rocky Horror fan, and accompanied me on the sofa until 2:30am – I “popped my transexual translyvanian cherry”. She took great delight in saying it while grinning like a particularly mischievous so-and-so.

The movie made absolutely no sense what-so-ever, but I’ve been walking around all day humming the music. Apparently that’s how it works on you. Insidious. Also, I have no idea quite how, but I didn’t have a hangover?! I am ridiculously tired though.

And I have a ring drawn on my finger by an ink pen. How? Why?

Throughout the day moments from the night before have been causing me to smile. I’m lucky to have such great friends, who are only too happy to drop “being an adult” from time to time, and help us remember that sometimes it’s just fun to be around people you like – to spend time together – to laugh, and to just “be”.

I may need coffee to make it through to midnight tonight, when my middle daughter finishes her shift at the pub – somehow I’ve got to make it down there to meet her. Wish me luck.