There's always something

There's always something
Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos / Unsplash

Over the next few days I’m going to find myself in a curious state of limbo with work – as one project comes to an end, and the next ramps up. Only it won’t be one project – the next few months are going to be… interesting.

One of the primary problems with having experience, and therefore any form of perceived wisdom, is people like you to “have their back”. Which is fine. Except then you don’t get to concentrate completely on what you’re doing – and if experience has taught me anything, it’s that I’m terrible at multi-tasking.

Maybe it’s a “man” thing – “only being good at one thing at a time”.

Perhaps I should take advantage of this time in-between projects to get on top of the mess my online world has become in recent weeks and months. I have bits and pieces spread across Google Drive, Obsidian, and Notion.

Given how easy it is to use, and how great the mobile app is, I’m thinking of using Notion for as much as possible. The only thing I fear about that is the difficulty of untangling myself in the future should I decide it’s not the best choice.

This is where the Obsidian crowd jump in and sing it’s markdown praises – except Obsidian itself is a nightmare (if you’re me), because it’s TOO flexible. It can be anything to anybody – and I will obviously try to turn it into everything for me – with predictably ridiculous results.

You know those scenes in “A Beautiful Mind” where John Nash has wallpapered his study with maps, newspaper cuttings, push-pins, and string? That would be a pretty accurate description of Obsidian if I were to lean into it. I might never be seen again.

Being half-serious for a moment, I think the thing I really fear is being given access to anything that allows me to do what I want – because I’ll change my mind every week, and then face the problem of re-organising everything. I know it’s an OCD trait I’m not paritcularly proud of – the stream of blog platforms I have in my wake is witness to it.

I wonder if I can sensibly use Obsidian without tinkering too much with it?

Anyway. I probably lost you several paragraphs ago – if you made it this far, well done (this is the bit where I sheepishly kick my own heels, and wonder what to say or do next, having exposed you to the idiocy inside my own mind).