Turning a Corner

Turning a Corner
Photo by CDC / Unsplash

My other half is sitting up in bed today, eating porridge and drinking lemonade – a huge improvement on recent days. Apparently her body is staging a spirited fight-back against COVID19.

Somewhat miraculously, the rest of us remain symptom free.

I’m hoping she will be returning negative tests by Sunday at least – so she can watch the kids open their Easter eggs in person. Somehow I think it might be early next week though, given the experience of friends.

The last few days have been strange – knocking around the house, sleeping on the sofa, and doing the chores like a lonely automaton. If not for catching up with distant friends on the internet, I would probably be sporting questionable personal hygiene, growing a beard, and falling into the gravity well of daytime television.


Another hour, and the family will no doubt be asking about dinner. I wonder if I can point them towards the leftovers from yesterday’s “party food” dinner?